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E-Z Up Europe B.V.
#1 Best Selling Instant Shelter® in the World™

International E-Z UP®, Inc. invented a portable shelter in 1983 that is easily opened and ready for use in less than 60 seconds.  From this original concept, International E-Z UP®, Inc. has created a successful business model that is easily recognized, and is associated with exceptional quality and reputation.

E-Z UP® Europe B.V. was founded in 1993 in The Netherlands.  Currently this location serves as our European Headquarters, Distribution Channel, and Custom Production Centre for all European E-Z UP business.  For nearly two decades as the continued industry leader, E-Z UP has continuously been at the top of innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction in over 50 countries.  The proof of innovation lies in the numerous worldwide product patents the company holds.  That list has grown to over 150, and will continue to grow as new design and innovation become available.

Our keys to our success lie in our company wide values:

Honesty and trust in all business relationships


Respect and opportunity for all employees


Meeting and exceeding customer expectations

A passion for innovation and continuous improvement

Without a doubt, International E-Z UP, Inc. / B.V. will continue to produce the  #1 Best Selling Instant Shelter® in the World™.  Through the years, we have continued to perfect our unique design. We are confident there is a model and price to fit any of your Instant Shelter® needs. We Make Life E-Z™!

Feel free to contact us to discuss one of the many products that can be of use to your particular situation!

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